Master Loda

There has been a disturbance in the force. The natural balance
between licensing spend and business intelligence is at risk.

The once-simple task of managing device-based software licensing
has become a battleground of mobile applications, indirect usage
and cloud-based consumption.

This is driving a disruption gap between IT and the business.

Only you can redress the balance.

Question 1/5

You discover an application has been installed on a PC without the proper licensing checks being made. Do you:

  • Vaporise the offender and the unauthorized software

  • Inform your colleague their behaviour is against alliance code & suggest immediate remediation

  • Curse the stars & add buying or allocating an appropriate license to your ever-growing to-do list

  • Search your feelings for enlightenment & prioritize applying the correct license

Question 2/5

You receive a software audit notification from a software publisher. Do you:

  • Threaten your second in command with “consequences” if an Effective Licensing Position (ELP) is not prepared immediately

  • Work with your team to prepare & assign tasks to create an Effective Licensing Position (ELP)

  • Suggest the software publisher re-thinks the seven-day timescale if they want that new upgrade deal

  • Use the wisdom of experienced stakeholders from across the galaxy to put a plan together

Question 3/5

The CFO requests a full report on the organization’s current licensing position.  Do you:

  • Order immediate preparation of the data before presenting it personally to the CFO

  • Work with your CFO to seek complete clarity before creating the report with the help of your best pilots

  • Bypass slow reacting channels & perform a seat-of-your-pants presentation to the CFO

  • You already know the answers & present them to the CFO without the use of slides

Question 4/5

Your CFO questions the organization's ever-increasing Microsoft Azure invoices. They want immediate answers. Do you:

  • Immediately lock-down all internet access until the perpetrators confess

  • Implement an automated workflow to control the spinning-up & retirement of Azure assets

  • Begin re-routing invoices from Microsoft to different departments to avoid the CFO's attention

  • Control your emotions, access the Microsoft portal and manually identify who's using what and why

Question 5/5

You discover your SAP systems is being accessed by 3rd party systems and you may have a large financial exposure for unpaid Indirect Usage. Do you:

  • Find out who is responsible and punish these rebels immediately

  • Quietly clean up as much of the Indirect Usage as possible, leaving only essential access

  • Smile and pretend it never happened!

  • Ensure these bounty hunters cause you no future trouble

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You are uncompromising and expect your team to be on the ball at all times. Any failures to adhere to established policies are dealt with firmly. You run a tight ship but might sometimes be seen as intimidating.

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The desire to create the right result is strong in you! You prefer to take an enlightened approach to managing software and aren’t afraid to seek guidance from those you trust. The weight of SAM bears heavily on your shoulders.

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You are the born SAM diplomat, but also a no-nonsense stickler for the rules. You prefer to achieve SAM goals through collaboration and clear definition of multiple roles. You're a natural leader.

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There’s no doubt you’re on the good side, but you like to think outside the box when it comes to prioritizing and managing software assets. You risk being a smart-ass, but usually get the result you’re looking for!

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